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Our AGM was held on Tuesday, 12th September 2023. 


Minutes will be published, but here are the most relevant points. 

  • The Chair’s report summarised the successful shows we have had this year, and the social events and workshops which many have enjoyed. 

  • The financial report confirmed that Breakaway is in a very healthy position in terms of funds. 

  • As per our constitution rules all committee members stood down from their positions. 

  • Our Chairperson Kathryn Hearn did not stand for re-election.  We are sad to see her go but we are sure that her creativity will continue in other ways and we hope she will stay in touch with us all.  Her dedication and contribution to Breakaway have been exceptional and for that we are all hugely thankful. 

  • The Treasurer Margie Skinner did not stand for re-election in that role, but did put herself forward as a general committee member, responsibilities to be decided.  She was voted in on this basis. 

  • Jo Baker did not stand for re-election as she has relocated to pastures new in Norfolk, but will hopefully stay in touch with her Breakaway family. 

  • There is plenty of good news: Natasha Inglis was re-elected as secretary, Shelley  Healy and Abi Giles also agreed to continue on the committee and were voted on.  Graeme Shaw was also voted on to the committee. 

  • We are thrilled to announce that our new Chairperson is Elaine Hartless, and our new Treasurer will be Richard Hartless.  Their enthusiasm and idea already have us all very excited. 

Thank you for your support, which we hope will continue in the months ahead so that we can make Breakaway bigger and better!  There is room on the committee for 3 more people so please get in touch if you would like to get involved. 

Elaine will be giving a further update soon. 

Copyright © @tbird.photographys

Photo Copyright © @tbird.photographys

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