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A Spectre Calls (© Shelley Healy)

Design © Shelley Healy

Breakaway were delighted to return to the Inn on the Park on 29th November 2019 for their annual murder mystery, "A Spectre Calls", written especially for Breakaway.


Agnes - Jill Hardman

Florence - Clare Waller

Nick Cash - Graeme Shaw

Matilda - Abigail Giles

Bernice - Clair Graham

Rose-Marie - Shelley Healy

Sharon - Rebecca Hurst

Tommy Thompson - Sarah Cooper

Sir Geoff - Martin King

Beryl - Lesley Cowland

Albert Eckersley - Martin Lewis

Maria - Sara Garcia Tapias

Director - Margie Skinner

Costumes - Lesley Cowland

Written by Martin Lewis and Margie Skinner

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