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"Alice" by Lewis Carroll, performed 28th May - 31st May 2008 at St Albans School Amphitheatre and 10th - 16th August 2008 at "C Soco" Venue, Chambers St, Edinburgh.


St Albans School Amphitheatre on a summer's evening is a special place... Where better to enjoy this magical new adaptation of Alice's adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass? Live jazz music sets off this fresh view of Lewis Carroll's classic tales. Join Alice in her dreams and let Breakaway retell the stories loved by the young and the young at heart.




St Albans                                                            Edinburgh Festival


Alice - Steph Cotter                                             Alice - Steph Cotter

White Rabbit - Helen Bird                                    White Rabbit - Helen Bird

Caterpillar - Alistair Robson                                 Caterpillar - Debbie Love  

Knave of Hearts - Emma Bloom                          Knave of Hearts - Georgina Westcott-Hill

Executioner - Reg Carrott                                    White Queen - Jenny Graham

Duchess - Mark Snelling                                      Walrus - David Martin

Cook - Debbie Love                                             Cook - Debbie Love

Cheshire Cat - Hannah Robinson                        Cheshire Cat - Hannah Robinson

March Hare - Brad Sarginson                              March Hare - Peter Martin

Mad Hatter - Mark Vincent                                   Mad Hatter - Brad Sarginson

Dormouse - Jill Davies                                         Dormouse - Jill Davies

Queen of Hearts - Sarah Kydd                            Queen of Hearts - Sarah Kydd        

King of Hearts - David Martin                               King of Hearts - David Martin  

Mock Turtle - Jadwiga Slomka                             Mock Turtle - Jenny Graham

Gryphon - Alistair Robson                                   Gryphon - Helen Bird

Tweedledum - Mark Vincent                                Tweedledum - Jill Davies

Tweedledee - Mark Snelling                                Tweedledee - Brad Sarginson

Walrus - David Martin                                          Carpenter - Peter Martin

Carpenter - Brad Sarginson

White Queen - Jenny Graham

Humpty Dumpty - Mark Vincent


Director - Neil Johnston



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