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'An Enemy of the People' by Henrik Ibsen, performed - 16th March 2002 at St Albans Town Hall.


An Enemy of the People was an ambitious project - a promenade performance staged in four locations throughout St Albans Town Hall! Directed by Adam Nichols this was a very successful and critically acclaimed production.





Tom Stockman - David Berryman

Katherine Stockman - Sue Dyson

Petra Stockman - Emma Farmer

Edward Stockman - Court Harding

Martin Stockman - Adam Chapman-Huson

Philippa Stockman - Helen Huson

Fred Atkinson - Trevor D. Oakes

John Houghton - Simon Nicholas

Sarah Bell - Emma Dinoulis

Margaret Kyle - Imogen de la Bere

Andrew Foster - Mark Summers

Chorus - Helen Cotsworth, Sara Davis, Chloe-Jane Dyson, Cerys Evans, Jane Fisher, Stuart Goaman, Adam Nichols, Adrian Scripps, Richard Smith, Michael Tomkins, Rob Weston


Director - Adam Nichols

Assistant Director - Helen Costworth

Technical Directors - Tim Hayward, David Paull

Technical Assistant - Anthony Burton

Production Assistants - Jane Fisher, Imogen de la Bere, Simon Nicholas



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