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Bed by Jim Cartwright, performed from 9th February to 11th February 2012 and 16th February to 18th February 2012 at The Abbey Theatre, St Albans. 


This play was performed at the Welwyn Drama Festival on 13th June 2012.


Eight people share a vast bed to dream, remember and reflect on the past. The play, was acclaimed at the Royal National Theatre. 'Cartwright writes better about people than anyone I know.' This is an odd, harrowing and hilarious piece, entirely without sentimentality, sturdy but moving.' Sunday Times. 'Sophisticated of structure and mature in content... brims with the confidence of a craftsman who can work as happily with surrealism as naturalism...' Each part has a dream/nightmare and some people are part of others dreams aswell. It's a challenging piece as it deals with both the bizarre and the reality of life.




Marjorie - Steph Harrison-Barker

Charles - Emma Summers

Spinster - Jill Davies

Bosom Lady - Clare Waller

Captain - Ashley Wade

Old Man - Victoria Dundas

Old Lady - Niamh White

Serman Head - John Kensett

Nobodies - Frankie Bolton & Alessia Procaccini


Directed by Rob Lewis

Assistant Stage Manager - Natasha Inglis

Make Up - Danielle Cross



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