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Design © Shelley Healy

Ladies’ Day was performed in memory of the show’s original director, and sorely missed friend, Jill Hardman: “Now you’ve got to go to all them places I can’t. Now you’ve got to live it for the both of us.”


The Herts Advertiser


Breakaway Theatre Company triumphantly returned to the stage with Ladies’ Day by Amanda Whittington, a feel-good comedy drama to warm the cockles of your heart.


This is a play about friendship across the generations, sisterly support, and love above everything else.


Ladies’ Day focuses on Pearl, Jan, Shelley, and Linda - fish packers from Hull - as they embark on Pearl’s “I’m not retiring” leaving do. Out go the hairnets and in come their best hats as the four friends go to Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot, the year it relocated to York.

As the races begin, the alcohol flows, and a little flutter morphs into a big flap as the lives, loves, and losses of these ladies begin to show their flaws. But if their luck holds, they could hit the jackpot - and more besides...

Originally due for performance in 2020, the play was cancelled just before opening night due to lockdown and this marked Breakaway’s post-pandemic return to the stage.


Linda - Shelley Healy 

Jan - Kathryn Hearn

Pearl - Margie Skinner

Shelley - Sam Newgrosh

Fred and Patrick - Malcolm Coakley

Kevin and Barry - David Martin

Joe and Jim - Graeme Shaw

Directed by Jo Baker and Lesley Cowland

Stage Manager - Abi Giles

Special thanks to Natasha Inglis, Anne Hollis, James Healy, Georgy Pleece and OVO

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