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CROWN OF THORNS      (Murder Mystery)

An original Breakaway Murder Mystery performed on 11th December 2014 for the Park Street Camera Club at the Parish Centre, Bricket Wood and on 18th December 2014 for Breakaway Theatre Company members, family and friends at Fleetville Community Centre. 


The Murdery Mystery was written by Suzanne Drake, Steph Harrison-Barker and Clare Waller and developed further during the two month rehearsal process. 

Audience Comments


S. & C. Anderson - "It was so different from anything we've been to before, and was great fun." 


K. & M. Liversidge -  "Their professionalism in both writing the "Murder Mystery" and their acting impressed us. It was a most enjoyable evening."


H.& P. Winter- "We enjoyed it very much and thought the cast of the 'murder mystery' were brilliant"



Cast & Crew


Vespa Von Veet - Gemma Federico

Velda Von Veet - Margie Skinner

Barbie Dhall - Steph Harrison-Barker

Ivy DeMarco - Clare Waller

Holly Bush - Steph Cotter

Bruce - Rob Lewis

Elizabeth - Lesley Cowland

Inspector - Suzanne Drake


Director - Suzanne Drake


If you'd like to book Breakaway to perform Crown of Thorns or write and perform a new Murder Mystery for your event then please go to our Contact page. 

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