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By Robert Scott


Images by Tracey Bird @TBIRD.PHOTOGRAPHYS

Alone, desolate and without a friend, Larry the Loner is cast away on a desert island.
Or at least that’s what he thinks … 

All By Myself and All By Themselves are two consecutive comedies that are full of sun, sand, sea and silliness as Larry discovers that there’s more to the island than first meets the eye.

The ensuing plot involves the 3Rs –  rafts, rocks and really funny jokes – and could that be a treasure map?

Breakaway Theatre Company is excited to bring Robert Scott’s shows to the Inn on the Park, St Albans.


As we dish up the drama outdoors, the Inn will be serving up hot and cold refreshments with chilli/veggie chilli to wash down the comedy.


Larry the Loner - Malcolm Coakley

Pemberton - Maude Collins Pallett

Miller - Ruth Ling

Nicholson: Zara Radford

Ashworth twins - Elaine AJ Hartless and Paul Murphy

Webley - Sam Parizat

Henrietta the Hermit - Joanne Page


Directed by Margie Skinner

Stage Manager - Clare Waller

This amateur production of All By Myself and
All By Themselves is presented by arrangement
with Lazy Bee Scripts

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