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The show was performed from 7th, 8th and 11th November 2015 at Malting Theatre and Trinity Church, St Albans.


The play was based on a real St Albans community in 1915, and commemorated the ‘Great War’ in a way that not only gave justice to those brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives, physical abilities and health but also to the communities that were also affected.


The play was an original piece featuring poetry about the Great War that both romanticises and creates a picture of helplessness, desolation, grief and real desperation in the senseless and meaningless affects of war.  


£1 from each ticket sale was donated to the charity Combat Stress, which tackles mental ill-health of ex-Service men and women of all ages.



Cast & Crew


          Lucy Angela             Jill Davies 

          Jon Baker                 Simon Ellis 

          Saleema Brohi          Finn Pile

          Abigail Giles              Eve Cremins

          Martin John King       Freya Thompson

          John Kensett             Mae Dawson 

          David Martin              Mack Dawson 

          Leonie Thompson     Kaia Davies

          Lesley Cowland        Teagan Davies

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