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"Let It Be Me" by Carey Jane Hardy, performed 24th October - 27th October 2007 at Sir John Lawes School, Harpenden.  


Let It Be Me was written in 2001 by Carey Jane Hardy and centres on the relationships between family and friends strained by the deteriorating illness of Syliva, a 60+ year old with Alzheimers. Her niece, Amy, cares for Syliva and has sacrificed most of her adult life to look after her Aunt. Wayward cousin, Colin does little to ease the burden, but friends Kate and Trixie rally round. The tenuous bonds of the set up are blown apart by the arrival of bookseller Gregory, who falls for Amy and gradually reveals the reality of the situation.


The play was performed across four nights to a very appreciative audience. Local Alzheimers and Parkinsons Societies accepted our invitation to come along and provided information and took collections.




Amy - Sarah Kydd

Sylvia - Helen Bird

Kate - Steph Cotter

Trixie - Kelsey Kilburn

Gregory - Alistair Robson

Colin - Hewi Davies

Director - Neil Johnston

Assistant Director - Pippa Wright 



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