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Director - Trevor D Oakes

Assistant Director - Emma Dinoulis

Technical Director - David Paull

Producer - Marianne Stevenson

Stage Manager - June FarmerProps - Dottie Lindridge

Front of House - Carolyn Christie

Refreshments - Jane Fisher

Publicity and Programme - David Martin

Lighting and Sound - Tim Hayward

Photographs - Anthony Burton

Design - Helen Cotsworth

Assistance With Costumes - Andie Hill of Alter Ego



'Measure for Measure' by William Shakespeare, performed 28th May - 1st June 2003 at St Albans Boys' School.


Breakaway lent a 50s theme to Measure for Measure, with musical interludes by Elvis Presley being a key feature as the Duke, leaving his virtuous Deputy Angelo in charge of the city, returns in disguise to see hypocrisy rife as Angelo flouts his own strict law on sex outside wedlock. Death, dishonour, disguise, double-dealing and a generous helping of debauchery make this a fascinating and funny play about morality and human nature.




Vincentio, the Duke - Roy Bookham 

Angelo, the Deputy - Mark Summers

Escala, a Lady - Sue Dyson

Claudio, a young gentleman - Rob Thomas

Isabella, Claudio's sister - Sara Davis

Juliet, beloved of Claudio - Rona Cracknell

Mariana, formerly betrothed to Angelo - Helen Cotsworth

Lucio, a fantastic - Richard Smith

A Lord - Anthony Burton

A Lady - Jane Fisher

Provost - Helen Huson

Friar Thomas - Roy Craske

Francisca, a nun - Rona Cracknell

Mistress Overdone, a bawd - Helen Cotsworth

A Justice - Jane Fisher

Elbow, a simple constable - David Martin

Froth, a foolish gentleman - Martin Boutland

Pompey, a clown, servant to Mistress Overdone - David Berryman

Abhorson, an executioner - David Martin

Barnadine, a dissolute prisoner - Anthony Burton

A Messenger - Adam Chapman-Huson

A Boy - Peter Martin

A Punk - Marianne Stevenson

A Prisoner - Michael Tomkins

Attendants - Marianne Stevenson, Ruth Sayers, Jane Fisher



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