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Nurse: Lesley Cowland
Juliet: Lucy Angela
Desdemona: Margie Skinner
Lady Macbeth: Shelley Healy
Cleopatra: Abi Giles
Kate: Clare Waller
Henry V: Simon Ellis
Romeo: Jon Baker
Petruchio: Steve Deaville

Director: Steph Cotter




The show was performed on 22nd & 29th April 2016 at The Maltings Theatre, St Albans as part of the St Albans Shakespeare festival. 


The play is a one-act comedy by Rae Shirley and is best described as a mad, merry and totally irreverent tribute to Will Shakespeare. 



Lady Macbeth is angry with Shakespeare; she’s fed up with women having hardly any decent roles and she’s going to do something about it. She can’t do it alone, so she calls a meeting with Desdemona, Cleopatra, Kate the ‘Shrew’, Juliet and her Nurse. Together they will make Shakespeare see the error of his ways. But Lady M is going to find out that though they may be small in number, Will’s women are not short of ideas and opinions, which they are only too happy to voice. Things only get more chaotic when their meeting is gatecrashed by some of those annoying male characters!


Breakaway Theatre Co have been performing Shakespeare in St Albans for over 30 years and are delighted to be part of St Albans Shakespeare Festival’s celebrations for his 400th anniversary.


This amateur production of “Merry Regiment of Women” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD.


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