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Bernard-Marie Koltes's dark play about serial killer, Roberto Zucco, performed from Thursday 30th May to Saturday 1st June 2013 and Thursday 6th June to Saturday 8th June 2013 at The Maltings Theatre, St Albans. 


Roberto Zucco was an Italian serial killer who committed several murders and other violent crimes mostly in Italy and France in the 1980s. This play followed Roberto Zucco and the crimes he commits, as his mental state deteriorated.




Roberto Zucco - Steve Deaville & Chris Baker            Madame - Victoria Dundas

Zucco's Mother - Abi Giles                                          Prostitute - Niamh White

Girl - Daisy Butcher                                                    Inspector/ Boy - Jody Stewart

Sister - Clare Waller                                                   Officer 1 - Dom Garcia

Brother - Ashley Wade                                               Officer 2 -  Don Charters & Simon

Girl's Mother - Vicki Harris                                          Old Gentleman - Denis Briggs

Girl's Father/ Fatman - John Kensett                         Lady - Steph Cotter

Pimp/ Policeman - Rob Lewis                                     Boy - Frankie Bolton

Detective - Jill Davies                                                 Bystander - Martin King

Bysander/Prostitute - Jill Tutty                                    Bystander/Prostitute -  Margy Skinner                  

Director - Rob Lewis

Assistant Director - Steph Harrison-Barker

Assistant Stage Director - Natasha Inglis

Make Up - Danielle Cross


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