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William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" was performed 27th - 30th May 2009 at The Sandpit Theatre, St Albans.


Romeo & Juliet... A tale of our time. The timeless tale of love, death, friendship and revenge is re-told with fresh faces and vibrant energy as the story is brought right up to date, set in today's blighted society. Amongst the hatred and bloodshed, a pair of youngsters find true love, only to be thwarted in their attempts to be together. Shakespeare's original script combines with modern fashion and music to create a unique environment in which the characters live.


"I must admit that when I entered the theatre and saw the set I was rather taken aback- and my immediate thought was... "They've got to be really good to carry this one off". A few raised platforms was all we had, but, with the flow of movement from the cast and the excellent lighting effects, we had a production that was extraordinary." - Nova Horley from NODA




Chorus - Pippa Wright

Benvolio - Alex Gordon

Tybalt - Lillian Atkinson

Officer - Jacqui Lule

Capulet - David Martin

Lady Capulet - Emma Summers

Montague - Chris Luck

Lady Montague - Helen Carew

Prince Escalus - Neil Johnston

Romeo - Dan Quirke

Paris - Mark Summers

Clown - Kate Gordon

Nurse - Jill Davies

Juliet - Kyla Gordon

Mercutio - Robyn Haddon

Friar Laurence - Chris Baker

Balthasar - Daniel Arnold

Apothecary - Clare Waller

Friar John - Chris Luck

Page - Aarthi Veerupillai

Watchman - Jacquie Lule

2nd Watchman - Helen Carew

Director - Steph Cotter


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