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Dr Ralph Matthews - David Berryman

Len Coker - Alastair Robson

Rita Coker - Jill Davies

Abigail Smythe - Jacqui Gray

Dorcas Matthews - Emma Dinoulis

Melvyn Matthews - Tobin Pennyson

Brenda Grimshaw - Caroline Quinn

Simon Grimshaw - Mark Summers

Stafford Wilkes - Richard Smith

Patrick Smythe - David Martin

PC Murphy - Richard Smith




'Sisterly Feelings' by Alan Ayckbourn was performed 1st - 4th June 2005 at St Albans Boys' School Amphitheatre. 


A comedy set outside on Hampstead Heath about the choices people make and the consequences of those choices. It includes scenes of a chaotic family picnic complete with wasps, not enough food and a police stake out! The play revolves around two 30 something sisters, one unhappily married the other shackled to a gormless boyfriend and their families and friends. It is a truly clever, funny and at times poignant look at relationships and the consequences of the choices we make.





Director - Mark Baker

Producer - Maureen Adams

Stage Managers - Alison Begley, Sara Davis

Technical Director - Tim Hayward

Technical Support - Rob Hill

Publicity - Sue Dyson 

Catering Manager - Clare Berryman

Front of House Manager - Maureen Adams



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