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A comedy by new writer Pete Hawes, performed 9th - 11th February 2012 and 16th - 18th February 2012 at The Abbey Theatre, St Albans.


The play was also performed in the Welwyn Drama Festival on Monday 11th June 2012. 


One piece of bum furniture, three hilarious stories! Join Billy & Mandy, Margaret & Les, Carly & Aaron, and of course Norman the Sex Elephant for Pete Hawes' comedic and touching tale of finding love in the strangest of places ... even down the back of the sofa.




Billy - Dan Quirke

Mandy - Kat Wiener

Margaret - Abi Giles

Les - Chris Baker

Carly - Jody Stewart

Aaron - Dom Garcia

Jane - Steph Cotter

Dave - Don Charters


Directed by Steph Cotter

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