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The Nativity: A Medieval Nativity Play, performed 20th - 21st December 2003 at St Albans Abbey Orchard.


There was a certain amount of trepidation when, in 1996, the idea of an outdoor production in December was mooted! Needless to say, in true Breakaway spirit the challenge was taken up by its members. The inclusion of live animals always brings a special magic to the production, although almost inevitably some problems! This was the fourth time the Nativity has been staged by Breakaway. Based on Medieval Mystery Play texts, it was directed by Jenny Graham.




Gabriel - Helen Cotsworth

Angelic Host - Claire Basinger, Jon Harris Bass, Bill Penketh, John Steele, Mary Williams

Mary - Lara Thursby

Joseph - David Martin

Citizens - Marianne Stevenson, Jane Fisher, Michael Tomkins

Salome, a midwife - Val Penketh

Zelomy, a midwife - Helen Huson

Tud, a shepherd - Kerry Clarke

Sym, a shepherd - Sue Dyson

Gill, a shepherd - Rona Cracknell

Trowle, a shepherd - Frank Lane

Shepherd Boy - Peter Martin

Melchior - Roy Bookham

Balthasar - Jason Warren

Jaspar - Tim Robinson

Messenger - Carolyn Christie

Herod - Mark Snelling

Taxpayers - Kirsty Graham, Ann Williams, Adam Huson, Mark Clarke

Carols recorded by the Breakaway Chorus: Sue Dyson, Rona Cracknell, Jane Fisher, Margaret Johnstone, Emma Dinoulis, Imogen de la Bere, Alan Livesey, Bill Penketh, Mark Summers, Jeremy Harding, John Reader


Director - Jenny Graham

Technical Director - David Paull

Costumes - Andie Hill

Lighting - Tim Hayward

Publicity - David Martin

Catering - Elizabeth Martin

Front of House - Carolyn Christie

Musical Co-ordinator - John Reader

Art Work - Mary Williams

Programme - David Martin

Animals provided by Appreciating Animals


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