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The Tempest (© Shelley Healy & Lesley Cowland)

Design © Shelley Healy & Lesley Cowland

Our Summer Shakespeare returned to Inn on the Park, St Albans  in June 2019, and this year it was The Tempest - with a space-age twist!

Exiled Prospero plots to take her revenge on her wicked brother, Antonio, through magical spells and mystical spirits.  But her monster servant, Caliban, has her own plans to kill her master, though her drunken companions are probably not the greatest would-be assassins.  Whose plot will succeed and will anyone escape the desolate planet?

Filled with drama, magic, music and monsters, this well-known play is a great introduction to Shakespeare for youngsters, and The Inn on the Park once again provided a delicious special menu and fully licensed bar every night.


(In order of appearance)





Alonso, King of Naples

Ferdinand, Prince of Naples

Sebastian, Alonso's brother

Gonzalo, Alonso's Counsellor

Antonio, Prospero's brother

Miranda, Prospero's daughter


Trinculo, Court Jester

Stephano, Alonso's Butler

Directed by

Stage Manager

Assisted by

Technical Stage Manager

Kathryn Hearn

Abigail Giles

Jo Micallef

Ellie Holliday

Graeme Shaw

Stephen Deaville

Jill Hardman

David Martin

Danny Smith

Maude Collins-Pallett

Darya Berger

John Kensett

Roy Bookham

Lesley Cowland

Anne Hollis

Natasha Inglis

Shelley Healy

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