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Leontes, King of Sicilia, suspects his pregnant wife, Hermione, of having an affair with his childhood friend Polixenes, King of Bohemia. When he finds out that Leontes is plotting his murder, Polixenes escapes, accompanied by Camillo, Leontes' courtier.

Queen Hermione is arrested and gives birth to a daughter in prison. Her lady -in -waiting, Paulina, tries to persuade Leontes to accept the child as his own. Leontes refuses, and orders a servant, Antigonus, to abandon the baby girl somewhere far away. 

Leontes finds Hermione guilty of treason. Leontes’ son Mamillius dies of grief and when Leontes hears from Paulina, her lady in waiting, that the Queen has also died, he is overcome with remorse.

 Antigonus lands in Bohemia where he leaves the baby girl, Perdita, to her fate. The baby is found by a shepherd and her son, along with gold and other treasures. The pair raise her as their own child.


Sixteen years go by. Perdita has met and fallen in love with Prince Florizel, Polixenes' son. The couple declare their intention to marry, watched by Polixenes and Camillo in disguise. Polixenes angrily reveals himself and forbids his son to marry a shepherd's daughter.

Assisted by Camillo, Florizel and Perdita flee to Sicilia where they receive a sympathetic welcome from Leontes. The shepherd and son, egged on by a trickster: Autolycus, follow them to Sicilia with the items that will prove Perdita's real identity. Leontes is reunited with his long lost daughter and then learns that Polixenes has pursued the young couple to Sicilia.

 Leontes, continues to grieve for his lost wife. Paulina reveals a surprise for him: a statue of Hermione which has been a long time in the making. Leontes is amazed by its lifelike quality and resemblance to Hermione and is filled with wonder and longing.

Famous for its stage direction: "Exit Pursued by a Bear...", The Winter's Tale is also a compelling story of love, jealousy, loss, atonement, and moving on.



Leontes - Simon Ellis

Polixenes - Graeme Shaw

Mamillius - Kaia Davies

Hermione - Abigail Giles

Camillo - Clare Waller

Cleomenes - Anne Hollis

Antigonus - David Martin

Paulina - Saleema Davies 

Emilia - Brigitte Taylor

Courtier - Vicki Harris 

Jailer/ Antigonus – Jon Baker

Young Girl – Teagan Davies

Florizel - Conor Gray

Perdita - Hannah Barnes

Shepherd - Margie Skinner

Clown - Shelley Healy

Autolycus - John Kensett 



Director - Jill Davies

Assistant Director - Lesley Cowland

Assistant Stage Manager - Natasha Inglis

Our third Shakespearean offering was performed at Inn on the Park, St Albans from 21st - 23rd and 28th - 30th July 2016. We were lucky enough to have some really great weather and very enthusiastic audiences. 


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