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"Woman In Mind" is a black comedy by Alan Ayckbourn, sometimes described as a tragicomedy.The play revolves around one central character (Susan), and her slow mental collapse; the audience see everything through her eyes. Her family takes her for granted and so to compensate for her dysfunctional family she invents a new one that are perfect. They all care for and love her very much, and in her imagination she lives with them in a big Country house with a lake and a half mile long drive.


The play’s comic moments come from the fact that her real family can’t see the imaginary one. Slowly the edges become blurred between her real and imaginary worlds, culminating in a final scene where the two world collide as Susan finally succumbs to complete madness. Despite the serious theme this is a very funny play with lots of laughs and will put the audience through a variety of emotions.


'Woman in Mind' by Alan Ayckbourn, performed 19th - 21st & 26th - 28th February 2015 at the Maltings Theatre, St Albans. 




Cast & Crew


Susan - Jill Davies

Bill Windsor - Rob Lewis

Andy - David Martin 

Lucy - Sarah Cooper 

Tony - Martin King 

Rev Gerald Gannett - John Kensett

Muriel - Vicki Harris 

Rick - Oliver Sutton-Izzard


Directors - Denis Briggs & Abi Giles

Stage Manager - Natasha Inglis

Sound - Paul Johnson

Lighting - Phil Wright & Katy Gaul

Props Master - Lesley Cowland

Make Up - Katy Gaul

Front of House & Promotion - Marguerite Skinner,

Steph Cotter & Clare Waller

Photography - Peter Searle





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