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"As You Like It" by William Shakespeare, performed 30th May - 2nd June 2007 at St Albans School. 


Defying the weather forecasts, and torrential rain before the run, Breakaway's production of "As You Like It" was performed in warm sunshine during the May bank holiday week. Excellent performances from members both old and new, and a wonderful set, combined to create a production that delighted our audiences, and resulted in a great deal of enthusiastic feedback.




The Duchess - Kate Georgiades                         Rosalind - Emma Dinoulis

Celia - Steph Cotter                                             Touchstone - Neil Johnston 

Le Beau - Carolyn Payne                                    A Lady of the Court - Pippa Wright

Charles - Alistair Robson                                    Orlando - Mark Summers

Oliver - Rob Thomas                                           Jaques de Boys - Carolyn Payne

Adam - Reg Carrott                                             Dennis - Hung Trang

The Duke - David Martin                                     Jaques - Alistair Robson

A Lady of the Forest - Jennifer Webster             Amiens - Helen Bird

A Page - Lucy Robson                                        Corin - Jill Davies

Silvius - Peter Martin                                           Phebe - Jennifer Webster

Audrey - Pippa Wright                                         William - Hung Trang

Sir Oliver Martext - David Martin                         Hymen - Helen Bird


Lords, Ladies, Guards and Foresters - The Company


Director - Mark Summers

Assistant Director - Steph Cotter

Stage Manager - Kate Georgiades

Props - Carolyn Payne

Publicity - David Martin

Technical Director - Tim Hayward

Sound - Rob Hill



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