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Performed 6th - 8th May and 13th - 15th May 2010 at the Inn on the Park, St Albans "Blue Remembered Hills" was originally created for TV, and has subsequently been successfully adapted for the stage. Potter's award-winning tale follows the activities of seven West Country seven year olds, through one summer afternoon in 1943.The unsupervised children spend their time playing, fighting, teasing and fantasising. Their games and actions reflect an awareness of the adult world, but not necessarily an understanding of it. As the children's games develop and turn to focus upon the neglected and abused Donald, the children's behaviour ultimately leads to tragedy.The children are played by adults, allowing us to break through our "nostalgia for those blue remembered hills", so that we may rediscover the uncomfortable realities of childhood. We were fortunate to be welcomed to perform in the open air, within the grounds of The Inn on the Park cafe. 



Willie - Mark Vincent

Peter - Mark Snelling

John - Rob Lewis

Raymond - Steve Deaville

Angela- Lauren Davidson

Audrey - Steph Cotter

Donald - Billy Bradbury


Director - Pippa Wright


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